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Happy New Year! LEGO sent us75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters, and I am pleased to end the year by giving you this review. This set, available January 1, 2016, has 4,634 pieces and retails for $349.99. It features the Firehouse and eight minifigures and four small ghost figures, including Slimer.

75827 Firehouse Headquarters



有时它会变得可怕和/或心脏扭曲,进入新的一年和另一个迈出的一步。然后有时我们只是为了用它而兴奋,继续前进。Chris maddison最近共享一个rather hilarious perspective on the new year. I’ve got to admit, I laughed way too hard at these delightfully detailed numbers. Happy new year!


Charing Cross station, in Victorian times, built with LEGO bricks

Seattle builderDave Sterling建立了伦敦乐高版本的伦敦查林十字火车站as it appeared in the late-Victorian period. Dave’s creation formed part of an international collaboration entitled在80天内环游世界which was displayed at Brickworld Chigaco. Dave has really captured the intricate details and elaborate exterior features representative of Victorian architecture.

Charing Cross

A replica of the 70ft high埃莉诺十字架建于1865年在车站的前院建成,这在戴夫的建筑中被华丽的高大“十字架”完整地说道Tan microfigs.,masonry bricksand arches.

Click here to learn more about this creation and hear from the builder

Carving a castle

创新不是我常常归因于拥有最受欢迎的城堡主题的词。在其贝克和召唤的腰带和无尽的伟大建筑物之下,人们常常为塔的最令人惊叹的塔,往往会感受到德中VU的感觉。但是这个最新的作品‘Sergeant Chipmunk’为城堡主题提供真正创新和令人敬畏的东西:

Hailstone Point by 'Sergeant Chipmunk'

Focused on the peaceful side of medieval life, ‘Sergeant Chipmunk’ depicts in one scene the complete construction ofHailstone Point, a unique tower sculpted entirely from frozen blocks. Surveying the land, extracting the ice, transporting the bricks, and carving the castle–all eloquently done in one beautiful motion. Truly, Castle has never seen this before.

LEGO teams up with ESPN for College Football Playoffs [News]

LEGO just announced a partnership with ESPN to cross-promote the upcoming College Football Playoffs. LEGO has created brick-built helmets for each of the four playoff teams, as well as some smaller football-related models for which they’ve released instructions to build your own.


The LEGO® team and ESPN are teaming up to build even more excitement and family fun for this season’s College Football Playoff!
To help get you ready, check back for more exciting updates through January 11th to see:

Cool college football models – tiny and life-sized! – built using LEGO bricks
Mini-models that you can build to decorate your New Year’s Eve game viewing party
A chance to win the LEGO version of the National Championship
ESPN College Gameday船员签署的奖杯向您的朋友展示!

Click the helmets to watch a time-lapse video of them being constructed.



Calvin and Hobbes – a LEGO Retrospective

今天,正如许多乐高建造者那一年回顾他们的建筑和成就,我想再过几十年到1995年12月31日。最后发表了Calvin and Hobbescomic strip was published 20 years ago today, and I thought it would be appropriate to take a look back at Calvin and Hobbes through the eyes of the LEGO Community, and why we love them so much.

Calvin and Hobbes always held a very special place in my heart. It was the first English ‘book’ I ever actually wanted to read. But what surprises me is that – despite it being 20 years since the last printing – we still see LEGO builders from around the world regularly paying tribute to this wonderful comic strip. In fact, just over a month ago marked the 30th anniversary of the first Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, and I built a littlesceneto commemorate the occasion. I was quite shocked when I had someone message me to say “thank you” for reminding them of Calvin and Hobbes, and all the good memories.

Spaceman Spiff

点击年代ee more LEGO Calvin & Hobbes creations!

That’s the way I like it baby, I don’t wanna live forever

Today we present a pair of builds paying tribute to the late Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister (1945-2015), a man who truly kept rocking so long as he was breathing.Eero Okkonenbuilt a mini bust capturing the rock-n-roll legend’s likeness well.

Lemmy Kilmister 1945-2015

一个简单的lemmy帽子,低音和威士忌,唯一缺少的东西Jonas Obermaier场景是黑桃的王牌!

Dead Men Tell No Tales - R.I.P. Legend


Minifig-Scale Ewok村

你有没有想过,如果他们被扩展到Minifigs,那么内酯上的树木有多高?查看KW Vaubanewok村庄与棒园树升起超过3英尺;然后前往MOCpagesfor more photos on and see how many scenes from the movie you can spot.


只有傻瓜在沙滩上建房子。嗯,傻瓜和非常强大的巫师。这个吉尔德尔坐在沙漠遇见海洋的沙滩上。数百年,巨型沙丘作为大厅的基础,被暴力缓冲了waves。虽然侵蚀将很久以前推翻了一个非神奇的结构,但是这个游览会仍然坚定不移。只要有一个巫师守卫在其中一个守卫tower rooms并从大自然中守护大厅,巫师的行程永远不会崩溃到水中。

CCC XIII: House built upon sand

This is my humble attempt to squeeze in a last-minute entry to the庞大的城堡比赛。The competition is fierce this year with tons of outstandingentries对于令人垂涎的大师建设者标题,多于一个建造者的人。如果你仍然争先恐后地争抢休息时间,因为它是明天(12月31日)在晚上11:59,美国东部时间的明天(12月31日)!

SD Gundam Superior Dragon by Moko

For my stocking this Christmas, my wife included two adorable little SD Gundam figures she picked up at Uwajimaya here in Seattle. They were all the rage back in Japan in the 80’s, and I have fond memories of playing in the schoolyard dirt with adorably chibi versions of Guntank, Dom, Zaku, and of course the titular Gundam RX-78-2. There are about as many variations on Mobile Suits in the Gundam canon as there are stars in the galaxy, andMoko.从Gaiden Storyline建造了“高级龙”角色。


Notably, Moko has used nothing but stock chrome-gold parts for his build — mostly the rare 1×2 gold-chrome tiles that only came in three City sets back in 2003. Rather shockingly, I think I see several chrome-gold C-3PO arms for Gundam’s fingers! The dual lances can combine with part of the shield to form a bow, and the wings spread out like many of the stock toys and plastic model kits.


Moko.says on hisblog(where you can see more photos) that he’d been putting off building this because he thought getting the shape right with the very limited parts selection would be too hard. But he also says he wanted to end 2015 with flair, and I think he’s certainly done so!

Top 10 LEGO news stories on TBB in 2015 [News]

Did you know that a new Star Wars movie came out in 2015, with accompanying LEGO sets? If you’ve been living in your basement working on your LEGO masterpiece and weren’t aware, one glance at TBB’s top LEGO news stories would provide a clear picture of just how much excitement has preceded what turned out to be a rather excellent movie. Like our2015年最受欢迎的乐高模型的校正,LEGO Star Wars故事今年已经主导了新闻报道 - 特别是由于该套装在9月份首次揭示。明升备用网站

实际的前10名列表是由Set AcageCements的严重主导,因此点击跳转来检查出来。

75139 Takodana战斗

But some interesting and important news doesn’t necessarily show up in this top 10 list. Back in July, TBB celebrated its十周年, and I reflected on what it’s been like running a LEGO blog for 10 years. I promised we would be making some changes to improve the experience for our readers, and we’ve done exactly that. After BrickCon in October, we addedm88明升开户 , who’ve all helped us improve our coverage of both LEGO models and LEGO news. We’ve significantly broadened our geographic diversity, with two new contributors from the UK (both Scottish, coincidentally) and one each from Russia and South Africa — adding to our existing team from the US, Canada, and the Netherlands. Our new contributors have helped to free up our editorial staff to focus more on time-consuming content likeLEGO set reviews

在其他新闻中,中国艺术家Ai Weiwei的乐高项目generated some interesting discussion in the comments, and several of our contributors participated in the annual慈善机构的创作event.

与此同时,TBB工作人员在乐高惯例中也是强大的存在,如Brickworldin Chicago andin Seattle, where readers and contributors built a rather epic美国内战展示在乐高, featuring help from a corps of volunteer dinosaur cavalry.

First Illinois Volunteer Dinosaur Cavalry

And in the UK atBRICK,Elspeth坐在乐高奇迹女人上。


点击年代ee all of the top LEGO news stories of 2015!


As LEGO car builders know, creating a small vehicle with lots of features is a difficult task. This slick racer by浪潮noizhits all the right notes though, with butterfly doors, great driver visibility, and dual-exhaust all packaged into a tiny sports car body just big enough tofit a minifig。在我看来,这一切都是像蝙蝠车的一个很棒的新概念一样。

06 Kokuryu.