First pictures of LEGO BrickHeadz 2019 lineup [News]

LEGO BrickHeadz theme has shown itself to be a very diverse collection of building figures.Now,first official pictures of the upcoming 2019 sets 明升备用网站reveal even more eye-catching characters including one straight from the Chinese New Year festival.像往常一样,price tags and availability are subjects for future announcements.

40354 Dragon Dance Guy | 170 pieces

40349 Puppy | 147 pieces

40348 Clown | 150 pieces

The reverse side of 40349 set box shows pictures of even more LEGO BrickHeadz sets to be released during the next year including a Halloween special40351 Ghostand the new40353,a three-pack consisting of figures of Christmas elves and a reindeer.

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  1. Taylor Connell

    呃,another year where the only Seasonal sets are Brickheadz?I thought this was a one-time thing.Fingers crossed for proper,interesting Seasonal builds in 2020...

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