Hell yes: the fearsome Lucifer-class Vic Viper drone

Marcin Grabowskiis back with another angular starship- his latest creation looks like a scrapheap reject ready to take on the world.

Lucifer class Vic Viper drone - front left

Marcin's starkly yellow and gray tubular creation was a contribution to the annual "Novvember" celebration of all things Vic Viper-related from the old Gradius series of video games (something of a rite of passage for LEGO space builders that just celebrated its 10th year).Up close this model looks like a gigantic mess,but when you zoom out and take in the whole drone fighter,拼凑在一起的钻头相互啮合成了一台可怕的机器。I like the engine thrusters pointed off haphazardly in the shot below.I don't know why Marcin named it Lucifer,but I'd be flying like hell away from it.

Lucifer class Vic Viper drone - rear left

这艘星际飞船是一系列令人印象深刻的攻击性飞船中的另一艘,spiny sci-fi models that Marcin has shared online.One of my favorites is hisNaga-class light starfighter.