探索其他世界与乐高创作者3-IN-1 31115太空矿业机械[评论]

如果你在这里,很可能你是乐高品牌的忠实粉丝,所以你已经知道它是无限可能的玩具。即使是在更昂贵的电视机上,你也很有可能得到一个好价钱。就创作潜力而言,Creator套装是最能激发灵感的,尤其是三合一的,它提供了灵感和多功能部件的完美结合。最新加入的系列终于来了,我们急切地想看看这个以太空为主题的套件是否出类拔萃!我们一起探索什么乐高创造者3-in-1 31115太空矿业机械必须提供。该套装将于3月1日提供,并将零售US $ 24.99|CAN $34.99|UK £24.99.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.




The main model

我们将从这个集合的同名构建开始。这个机器人机械装置和31090 Underwater Robot,although it’s safe to say it’s a bit more complicated and interesting. (Which is expected at this higher price point.) I’d say it’s equal to the sum of its parts (in a good way), so we’ll break it down as such. The body itself is sturdy as heck, which is typical of compact LEGO robots. There are also joints and moving parts everywhere, which is awesome!

Moving on to the arms of the mech, the spinning blade is composed of 8 pearl dark grey tooth elements attached to two octagonal 2×2 with bar frames of the same color via 16 1×1 clips. In other words, it’s sturdy. It basically an irresistible fidget spinner on an arm. On the opposite side, the best thing about the fingered hand is the use of 1×1 modified rounded plates with bar handle. What’s cool is that this element provides great flexibility compared to the old square plates. This makes it look more like a hand, and in terms of grip, it has its limits, but it still creates loads of playability. The model also has you building a cute little alien with scary-looking teeth that fits fairly well in the mech’s palm. It too is jointed so you can open its mouth.

The legs are composed of rigid knees and extra-large feet. Although the inability to move the knees is a bummer, the rest is quite posable, and the large base that the feet provide allows for great stability. And even though they can’t move, the design of the knees actually looks kind of cool.

One of the best parts of the mech is the jetpack. Not only does it do a good job of using the truncated cone and dome elements for jets, but it also has a pocket for packing whatever it is they’re mining.


While it would’ve been really cool to get a space minifigure to man the robot, it’s tradition for 3-in-1 sets of this size/price point to not include them. Additionally, it appears that robots and aliens (or alien robots) are the dominant creatures on this planet. Instead of a fig, a nondescript AI is in charge. Presumably, the neon trans-yellow plate represents a good mood, and if you flip it over, pink represents an angry one.

Build two

This time the robot is operated by another, more loveable, bot. Unfortunately you have to make-believe that his little arms can reach the controls. Even though Mixel joints are used, they don’t allow for movement in the right direction.

Speaking of limited range of movement, the pod in the back also barely opens. It seems that this is intentional, but I’m not sure why. You can remove the 1×2 trans-green brick “space crystals” from the pack, but there doesn’t seem to be a reason to make it complicated. While it makes sense for the bottom to not be able to drop from the weight of the contents, I would argue that it would be much more fun if the top opened enough to store a wide variety of things.

脚既是该模型的最佳和最差部分。一只手,他们看种类of cool, especially compared to the rest of the build. But on the other hand, they are not at all stable. If the toes were rigid instead of jointed, they might support the rest of the foot better. Unfortunately, the whole leg assembly is not designed with center-of-gravity in mind. Even though the joints are all posable, playability is reduced because it almost refuses to stand upright unless in one specific position.



我们踢第二替代另一个从小型l alien robot thingy. Although the eyes have been around for a little while now, it’s worth commenting on how fun they are. The shape allows for all kinds of expressions, without needing eyebrows. That said, even though the feet employ the same parts in the big robot hand, creating the ability to make new poses, it’s rather boring. It’s a shame, considering how many fun parts are left over at the end of this build.


完成的模型感觉有点让人想起31107 Space Rover Explorer从去年开始。虽然,作为替代模型,而不是头条新闻,这是一个更小,更不详细。和它的表兄一样,这款车有一对前爪用于探索性抓取,还有一个卡车床式的存放区用于搬运太空物品。

As previously mentioned, this time we’re left with a solid handful of unused parts. Which, again, allows for the builder to get creative on their own. That said, some of the pieces really would’ve been nice to see in the official build to add more character or detail.


The size and style of LEGO robots and mechs run the gamut, but I’d have to say that this is one of the best. Also, of all the Creator 3-in-1 sets, this particular model is one of my very favorites. It’s just super fun to build and play with, isn’t going to fall apart too easily, and has a few neat techniques. Pop a minifigure in the cockpit and its all-day fun for a kiddo.


The second alternate model is cute and classic Creator fare. It’s not overly exciting, but it has some redeeming qualities compared to the other alternate build. The base isn’t complicated, but it’s satisfyingly strong and provides a lot more playability. There are three identical little 1×2 neon trans-green bricks with greebly bits to be built with this model. Who knows what they’re supposed to be, but we can assume they’re impure bits of whatever these alien robot guys are trying to mine.

Conclusions and recommendations

如果你(在你的生活中或特殊出头)爱机器人s and mechs, the headliner for the set might be perfect. It’s a fun build with a few neat techniques and I enjoyed playing with it. The walker-style bot might be cool for some, but I found it completely lackluster. And the little rover was mildly redeeming, but not enough to encourage you to take apart the mech. The variety of parts is fair, other than it’s nice to have lots of joint elements. Therefore, I wouldn’t call this an exceptional parts pack, especially because the price per piece is higher than one would hope for such a set. (Generally, $0.10 per piece is worth it and this set is $0.15 per piece.)


So, the verdict? This set is for people who love the main model. Otherwise, wait for it to go on sale or spend your hard-earned cash on another awesome kit. Perhaps consider the new创造者三合一31116野生动物园树屋我几天前审查了这一点。

创造者3-in-131115 Space Mining Mechwill be available March 1st from the LEGO Shop Online forUS $ 24.99|CAN $34.99|UK £24.99.It will also available via third-party sellers onAmazoneBay.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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  1. Jimmy

    “Instead of a fig, a nondescript AI is in charge. Presumably, the neon trans-yellow plate represents a good mood, and if you flip it over, pink represents an angry one.”



  2. 哈尔坎

    I found learning to read runes was fairly easy, but I’d still have trouble coming up with any alternative builds that’d pass Lego’s quality control…

  3. Bre Burns发布作者

    Thanks for the comments about the PPP guys! You’re correct, I completely misspoke. I must of mistakenly typed the wrong thing into my calculator real quick, and didn’t realize that the output was obviously incorrect.

    As for an update to my conclusion: the correct PPP would make me consider purchasing this a bit more, but still not so much for the “set” aspect, personally. It’s decent as a gift for a kiddo and much better as a parts pack, but the PPP doesn’t reverse my slightly negative opinions about the design. Sadly, that alternate build is no better at $0.08/piece than $0.15.