乐高40456 & 40457 Brick Sketches: Mickey and Minnie Mouse [Review]

2020年,乐高透露明升备用网站砖素描一个可收藏系列的砖砌型肖像的流行字符。第一波精选DC漫画图标Batman and the Joker和星球大战凡收藏BB-8 and a First Order Stormtrooper。一种second wave of designs将于3月1日开始抵达商店,并将零售US $ 16.99|CAN $19.99|英国14.99英镑。The new sketches feature Disney’s Mickey and Friends, and includes40456 Mickey Mouse40457米妮鼠标。这些新草图如何堆叠?它们是否只有可爱的任何兴趣?阅读并查看!

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of these sets for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.






克里斯麦克斯designer of the Brick Sketches theme,标准化在12×16底座上,具有堆叠在顶部的元素层以创建字符图像。Mickey用一层红色瓷砖开始背景,以及由黑白板制成的一些基本形状。耳朵(6×6圆形板)延伸在基座的边缘上。

The build gets a little more interesting as more layers are added to build up Mickey’s face. 1×1 quarter-circle tile mixes in with curved plate to create some nice curves around the eyes. The eyes themselves are well rendered with half-circle 1×1 tiles. The yellow bow tie stretches past the edge of the “canvass,” which isn’t a problem when the model is leaned back on its stand. Mickey’s nose is attached with a 1×2 hinge assembly.

That hinge for the nose lets the 2×2 dome brick sit at an angle, adding a bit more character to the completed image.

Minnie’s build is, as you’d expect, virtually identical. The big and obvious change is the color inversion of a yellow background and red outfit. Minnie’s dress makes use of two heart-shaped plates for the puffy sleeves on her dress, with white 1×1 round tile for the polka dots.

Minnie’s bow is also made from heart-plate, with a bit of layering from 2×2 round plate and tile, and more 1×1 round tile for dots.

Minnie also gets two 1×2 grill tiles for eyelashes. That works surprisingly well, as the solid short edges of the tile vanish next to her eyes and the black parts of her face. The 4×4 bow tile that makes her neckline works pretty well, too.



米奇和米妮俩都看起来非常好。它们很容易识别,颜色明亮和对比。但是,当你更接近不义的谷开始出现,效果并不是那么好。特别是,鼻子周围的区域只是向我读“错误”。虽然一些乐高铆钉仍然暴露在突出介质的情况下,沿着上唇的乐曲伴随着我。我认为这是瓷砖和板块的混合,导致问题 - 鼻子两侧的斜坡和3×3圆形瓷砖脸上的脸部太光滑了。(真的,我认为它可能只是破坏我的样子的白色脸颊。)

From the side, you can see that there’s a nice bit of 3-D to the image. This is a nice display perk, distinguishing these sets from the乐高艺术马赛克产品。


她“so looks nice from the side, with some good depth to the build.

Conclusion and recommendation

Unless you’re a big Mickey and Friends fan, then you’ll probably be less than thrilled with these sets. LEGO recently lowered the price point of Brick Sketches to $16.99 US, which makes them feel a little less like a price-gouge. But that price is still way too high for what you get in the set – 12 to 16 cents per part, with no particularly rare or exciting elements and no minifigures. The builds here are very easy, with very little interesting in the way of techniques. And building both kits back to back was really dull. On the positive side, there’s no denying that Chris McVeigh was able to create a solid and recognizable likeness of the characters within the part limitations he had to work with. As a display piece, they do work well. If you’re a Disney fan or gifting them to someone who is, then there are sure to be some smiles earned from the completed set. But I’d still wait for these to go on sale before I picked them up.

砖素描40456米老鼠和40457米妮鼠标将于3月1日从乐高商店在线提供US $ 16.99|CAN $19.99|英国14.99英镑。他们也可以通过第三方卖家提供一种mazoneBay

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of these sets for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.



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