如果有一个单词封装封装JeffFriesen‘s LEGO models more than any other for me, it’s “clean.” His builds always seem to have every single piece precisely where it ought to be. And his latest one looks like it’s from a picture book of the ideal Viking winter world (unlike hellish purgatory of Valheim that’s all the rage right now). This microscale creation doesn’t have any obviously new or even unusually innovative techniques, and yet it’s absolutely splendid from the snowcapped peaks to the tiny longships. The village spreading across the slopes with their tiny mounds of snow on top, and the two giant waterwheels give this settlement a fairytale aspect that I can’t get enough of.

Jeff was the winner of兄弟砖2m88备用网址017年创造了一年and it’s well worth checking out the other builds we featured in our archives:JeffFriesen Lego创作


Here’s a fun fact: while here, on Earth, we often design our vehicles to merge with the environment, on Mars, the more attention your rover gets, the better. And since the planet is red, even black and white will do.Cole Blaq知道如何做一个探测器非凡的with an unusual cockpit structure while keeping the rest basic. It has just the right amount of detailing, with neat headlights in the front and very suitable stickers in the back. And why would you need more when your rover has rims like these?



I must confess亚历克斯’screations leave me in awe. For his latest figure, he drew inspiration from the Roman gods, Neptune, to be precise. The construction of the head is beautiful. It always amazes me how Alex manages to create faces with so much expression out of LEGO bricks. The face of this figure isn’t the only standout feature of this creation. The best thing has to be the feeling of movement this creation has. The tentacles, hair, and beard all appear to be flowing as if they are underwater. My guess is thebionicle webbed fin armoris what started this creation. It is a perfect fit for an underwater god’s crown.



由于各种“Febrover”比赛,2月份出现了一大批凉爽的建筑。今年与ISAAC Snyder(Flickr为-soccerkid6) M-Tron rover and loading station.
m-tron.Loading Station


But the rover is the real star of the show. The wheels were installed backward so Isaac could use the grey disk as a detail effect, which is very clever. I totally dig the mini-crane on the back as well, with again a ladder being used, this time as the crane arm.

m-tron.should really make a comeback. If it does, I hope it looks like Isaac’s stuff!

Bring back my classic dinosaurs!

Back in 2000 LEGO released their first dinosaurs when Johnny Thunder went toDino Island。大多数恐龙都没有是一个不可努力的,他们唯一的关节点是尾巴和头部,就像早期的鳄鱼classic dragon。The parts from these classic dino sets were the inspiration for亚历克斯latest creation. He used thenecks尾巴脚蹼but most of all theirheads。显然恐龙的嘴巴持有混合眼睛perfectly. Alex named them Jlorp and Schlorp and claims that every hero needs a good sidekick. So my question is, which one is the hero and which one is the sidekick?

Jlorp and Schlorp

Dorothea Williams is a saxophone player with soul

Disney/Pixar’s latest animated film灵魂关于一个带有秘密激情的音乐老师,爵士乐队的秘密激情,他将终身的机会落在他最大的灵感方面,是一个名叫Dorothea威廉姆斯的萨克斯管球员。Chi Hsin Weihas captured this unique character in LEGO perfectly, from her bountiful hairdo to her casual pose. She leans back on one foot while putting her heart and soul into her music. One of my favorite details is the red headband just above her forehead, and if you look closely, you can just see a hint of an earing peeking out from under her hair.

Dorothea Williams-1

乐高Ninjago 71745 Lloyd’s Jungle Chopper Bike [Review]

我们一直在分享早期的看法套装based on the latestseason of Ninjago。今天我们解决最小的束,71745 Lloyd的丛林斩波器自行车。这款183件套装将于3月1日从乐高商店在线提供US $19.99|CAN $24.99|英国£17.99。Is there enough here to be of interest to both Ninjago fans and the wider LEGO audiences? Come along as we take a close look!


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The complex simplicity of Plum blossoms

有时,乐高创作会让你在你意识到它实际上是用乐高砖制成的两次眨眼。它不必是复杂的建筑技术的大创作,有时它可能是非常简单的,就像这种梅花制成的那样ZiO Chao。它展示了不同阶段的梅花树的花朵。当我说简单时,我并不是要说这是易于建立的。在盯着这张照片超过15分钟后,我仍然无法弄清楚五花花是如何放在一起的。花的底部可以是一个dishor maybe a方向盘

A spray of plum blossoms

乐高40450 Amelia Earheart Tribute gift with purchase set revealed [News]

Today we’re getting our first official, high-quality images of LEGO’s next tribute set,40450 Amelia Earhart Tripute那by way of theAustralian LEGO certified store。根据澳大利亚乐高商店的说法,该套装将为2月22日开始至少花费199.99澳元的客户提供免费礼品,直到供应耗尽。还没有关于世界其他地区的促销细节。它在前两个致敬的套装上遵循,40291 Creative Personalitiesfeaturing Hans Christian Andersen, and40410 Charles Dickens Tripute

在最着名的航空先锋中,Amelia Earhart于1937年消失了,他在将洛克希德型号10-E电器上飞行的地球之旅。然而,在乐高集中描绘的红色飞机是洛克希德维加尔5B,她于1932年在大西洋上飞行,现在在华盛顿的国家航空和太空博物馆展出。

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Doggocurrency, a great investment indeed

Stocks and cryptocurrency are hot topics these days. I know almost nothing about both but have been somewhat keeping up with the discussions of such in the news. Recently an alternative to bitcoin has been released – the “dogecoin,” which is a type of cryptocurrency featuring the hilariously cute face of the Shiba Inu dog from the “Doge” meme. BuilderJulius von Brunk,向这种乐趣和新的加密形式呈现丰富的乐高致敬。


这个砖砌的好男孩正在抛弃一些最好的乐队乐队,包括原始的乐高coin elementand some pearl gold 1×1 and 2×2 tiles. Mr. Doge himself is fashioned out of many different kinds of slopes, bricks, and tiles in tan and white colors, with his adorable black nose rendered by a blacktechnic ball joint。I’d say this model was well worth von Brunk’s time and efforts.

Me not Grimlock, me MechaGodzilla!

Mecha Godzilla is the best Godzilla who isn’t really Godzilla.Kelvin Low (chubbybots)shares an amazing take on this iconic monster, who seems ready to take on all comers. Described by the builder as “a fusion of King Gogulas from Zoids and Kiryu from Godzilla”, I can’t help but notice the color choices, too. Those remind me strongly ofNexo Knights那adding another fun layer of meta. I love those huge stompy feet and the central-check cockpit. It really is a thing of beauty.


There’s moreGodzilla-related funin our archives, too.

On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the Titans...

Shingeki no Kyojin(或者Attack on Titan)被视为最好,最受欢迎的漫画和动漫系列之一。但由于某种原因,似乎严重缺乏乐高建立。幸运的Funnystuffsbuilt the Attack Titan in great detail, accompanied by custom minifigures of some of the main characters. On the surface,Attack on Titan可能似乎是另一个关于酷孩子战斗巨星的凯茹系列,因为原始前提导致我们相信。它逐渐进入“theGame of Thronesof anime,” a dark and heartwrenching series about human nature, war, politics, and so much more. Now that its popularity is at its peak, there is hope for moreAttack on Titan创作沿线。

Lego Attack Titan (from Attack on Titan, Shingeki no Kyojin)

Primarily a mech builder, Funnystuffs did a great job with the organic look of the Attack Titan. Covered with tan LEGO elements to represent its skin tone, it is completely accurate and to scale with the minifigures. The only gray bits peeking through are the necessary joints to give the titan full poseability. Funnystuffs gave special attention to the head – its iconic green eyes, grinning jaw, and long hair.

查看此馆攻击泰坦的更多图片here。(Includes spoilers for those who may care.)