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乐高是关于乐趣的,并且很重要,你在兄弟们 - Brick.com上玩得开心,但在线隐私是一个非常严重的问题。因为兄弟 - brick.com认真地将您的在线隐私掌握,我们希望您知道我们收集的个人信息以及我们如何使用它。

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Brothers-Brick.com是由成人设计的粉丝LEGO for other adult fans. Readers of all ages are welcome, but direct participation through interactive features is restricted to readers over the age of 13.


Whether you’re an adult without any children, a parent, a teen, or a kid, if online privacy is something you haven’t really thought about, you might want to start with some reading: Privacy Policy Overview

要使您留下帖子的评论,请订阅跟进响应,contact us, and otherwise use the site’s interactive features, it is sometimes necessary to collect information about you. This information is called “personally identifiable information” (read more aboutpersonally identifiable informationon Wikipedia).

Although some types of information are required to use certain features, you are not required to use any of these features. Therefore, providing personally identifiable information to is entirely voluntary.


兄弟砖m88备用网址never shares personally identifiable information with third parties except in cases when you have opted in to doing so, such as by participating in a contest or giveaway with prizes provided by a third party.


If you choose to use certain features of, you may be asked to provide a name, your email address, or other information. Your computer’s IP address is also logged by the server and when you leave a comment. We go over details on how each of these pieces of information is used later in this privacy policy.

Brothers-Brick.com使用一个叫做谷歌分析提供有关访客的一般信息,匿名信息。Google Analytics是一个行业标准工具,可帮助我们更好地让您在兄弟们的体验。重要的是要注意谷歌自己的隐私政策prevents any data in Google Analytics reports from being personally identifiable.

The reports in Google Analytics help us understand broad characteristics about our readers. For example, knowing what Internet browsers our readers are using helps us design and test the site using the right technology. Knowing readers’ connection speeds helps us optimize the site’s bandwidth usage. Knowing how often readers visit helps us make the right choices about how often to post new content.



  • website registration:通过提供姓名和电子邮件地址,直接在Brothers-Brick.com上创建一个新帐户。
  •使用现有的WordPress.com帐户与兄弟 - brick.com互动。
  • 谷歌:Use your existing Google account to interact with
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  • Facebook:使用现有的Facebook帐户与兄弟 - brick.com互动。

How is my information stored and protected by relies on a combination of technologies to serve its readers. As a result, user data is stored in a variety of ways.

For users who choose not to engage with any of’s interactive features, the website’s server infrastructure only captures and retains the IP address from which the user requested a webpage. This information is stored in the website’s server logs, and is only used for troubleshooting purposes when users report technical issues with the website. This server-level technical information is never correlated with personally identifiable information voluntarily provided by users.

Depending on how you choose to authenticate with, your user data is stored by a third party (such as or Facebook) linked to very limited information stored by itself. If you choose to sign in to with a username and email address, stores this information on its own server infrastructure.

As the largest LEGO hobbyist website in the world, is hosted on state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, with regular updates to its platform software (both core software and add-on capabilities via plugins) by a dedicated infrastructure team staffed by experienced IT professionals. Website software includes industry standard security scanning, anti-malware, and anti-spam capabilities. The Brothers Brick’s cloud infrastructure has never been breached and user data has never been compromised.

How does use names?

如果要在Brothers-Brick.com上注册,则需要某种类型的名称,请留下评论或使用Contact Form。You can choose to use your own name, but you can also use a nickname, screen name, or other type of anonymous username. If you leave a comment, the name you provided appears on the comment. If you use the Contact Form, your name is included in the email message that is sent to

How does use email addresses?

An email address is required to register or use theContact Form, and may be required if you choose not to authenticate to with an existing social media account such as Google or Facebook. This is part of the system that helps to make sure that anonymous spambots can’t leave spam comments or send website users junk email.

The email address you provide when you leave a comment is not displayed to other readers. We willnot使用此电子邮件地址与您联系,除非在极少数情况下您的在线隐私或安全受到威胁(例如,您在评论中共享了不适当的个人识别信息)。但是,通过使用联系表格,您允许我们联系您以作出回应。

Does use cookies?

cookie是Web服务器在计算机上放置的一小部分信息(阅读更多信息HTTP cookieson Wikipedia). discloses its use of cookies to all website visitors, with a link to this Privacy Policy. itself only puts a cookie on your computer if you register and then choose to have the website remember you the next time you visit.

谷歌分析and advertising partners such as may also place a cookie on your computer to provide information on when you’ve visited Because these cookies are managed by Google, Amazon, and other third parties, and are designed to provide anonymized aggregate information, does not have either direct control of or access to these cookies. These third-party cookies are governed by their respective Privacy Policies.

How does use IP addresses?

IP地址是互联网服务提供商分配给计算机的唯一电子地址(阅读更多信息IP addresseson Wikipedia). When you use theContact Form,联系人表单记录使用表单的人的IP地址。Brothers-Brick.com不会以任何方式使用这些IP地址。


谷歌分析uses IP addresses to determine what part of the world a reader is located in. Google Analytics data is completely anonymous, and does not have access to any personally identifiable information collected by Google.

What happens when I register?

Registering on is only open to administrators and contributors. Registration requires a username and an email address (see the sections on names and email addresses earlier in this privacy policy), and you can also choose to share additional information, such as a link to your website or social media profile. Registration is subject to ourTerms of Serviceand does not grant you the right to become a contributor or administrator.

Registering as a user is different from registering to leave a comment. When you leave a comment using one of the five available authentication methods, only retains very basic information about you, as outlined earlier in this Privacy Policy.

Does collect any other information?

The interactive, free-form nature of commenting on this website means that you can choose to share whatever information you feel is appropriate. We highly recommend that you follow good online safety practices, but if you choose to share information such as your real name, email address, or location in places that are visible to the general public (such as comment text), this is your choice.

当很明显,不恰当的信息been shared, we reserve the right to edit comment text to remove personally identifiable information and to contact you to recommend correcting this. However, we can’t guarantee that we will see and correct these issues immediately, so westrongly建议你这样做not分享任何个人可识别的信息。

How do I request that The Brothers Brick removes all of my user data

欧盟的全球数据保护规范要求网站使用户能够请求从网站删除其用户数据。要从使用我们的交互功能(主要通过对文章中的评论)来删除您可能对本网站的所有数据贡献,您可以通过我们的Contact Form


This policy was written by a person, not a robot or a lawyer. You can contact the people behind The Brothers Brick by using theContact Form