The LEGO airplane builds fromJack Carlesonkeep getting bigger and bigger. While his previous空军一号had a wingspan of five-and-a-half feet, the new Emirates A380 is seven-foot wide and weighs almost 100 pounds with no external supports. It’s massive and has a lot of great details, which we will get to below.

LEGO Emirates Airbus A380

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Skykunk 2021.

说出术语可能是安全的steampunkcyberpunk已进入共同的词典。复杂的世界,无论是围绕发条和蒸汽力量还是技术渗透的社会,都会变得非常受欢迎。但是关于柴油金? Or its partner, skypunk? Thankfully, the nature of the monikers is to get the idea across pretty quickly. Personally, skypunk is one of my favorite concepts. Worlds full of floating fortresses, sky battles in agile, obscure fighter planes, or common people shlepping about on islands in the sky. Today, I want to take a look at the latest skyracer model by builderSylon-tw

Skyracer part 2

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Down, down, and away?

“Mayday!” – well that’s never good to hear.道格拉斯休斯fashions a little red biplane in some big trouble in this LEGO micro-model.


The background featured in this postcard-like photo is brick-built using a number of different elements including various slopes, bricks, and plates in light blue and white for the red plane to crash through. The plane’s body mainly utilizes the plane小型服装featured in the series 21 collectible minifigure set, with some added parts to create a second pair of wings and a cockpit. Black 2×2 round tiles serve as a smokey cloud trailing behind the plane – the signifier of disaster. Overall for a minimal build, its concept is surely conveyed.

LEGO 40450 Amelia Earheart Tribute gift with purchase set revealed [News]

今天我们正在获得乐高的官方高质量的官方图像,下一步致敬,40450 Amelia Earhart Tripute,通过Australian LEGO certified store。According to the Australian LEGO store, the set will be a free Gift with Purchase for customers who spend at least $199.99 AUD starting tomorrow, Feb. 22, until supplies are exhausted. There’s no word yet on the promotion details in other parts of the world. It follows on two previous tribute sets,40291创意个性拥有汉斯基督徒安德森,和40410 Charles Dickens Tribute

最著名的航空先驱之一,阿梅利亚Earhart disappeared in 1937 on her trip to circumnavigate the globe flying a Lockheed Model 10-E Electra. However, the red aircraft portrayed in the LEGO set is the Lockheed Vega 5B that she flew solo across the Atlantic in 1932 and is now on display in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

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LEGO Ninjago Legacy 71736 Boulder Blaster [Review]

Ninjago Legacy – home of updated and reimagined hits from the 10 year(!) history of the Ninjago theme. We conclude our tour of the1月2021波浪of sets with theNinjago Legacy 71736 Boulder Blaster。Available now from the LEGO Shop Online forUS $39.99|可以$ 49.99|UK £34.99,这套449件套装带我们返回赛季4.这四个小型遗传和改进的喷气机会在高票据中结束我们的评论吗?也许,也许不是。阅读并查看您是否同意我们的结论!

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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In case of a lack of bullets, just use birds instead!

This just has to be one of the ‘silliest’ scene’s fromIndiana Jones and the Lost CrusadeGeneral Tilney设法在乐高方面完美地捕捉它。这张照片最好的事情是一切都是由乐高砖,甚至天空制成的。第二部分穿过电影,印第安纳琼斯和他的父亲亨利试图逃离敌军飞机。有很多轰炸涉及,在一点上,他们在充满鸟的海滩上变得开荡。亨利父亲在拍打他的雨伞时对海鸥的群充电。这震惊了海鸥,他们脱掉飞机,导致它崩溃。亨利喃喃地说一句令人震惊的报价,其实际上不是一个查理队报价和场景结束。那是一些经典的印第安纳琼斯在那里!

I suddenly remembered my Charlemange...


当你看着一个乐高从某人创建e who’s Flickr handle is “BigPlanes,” you’d expect to see something massive and aeronautical. And, sure enough, this LEGO Northrop XB-35 Flying Wing byJack Carleson检查这些框。如果您正在寻找有关真实XB-35背后的技术的信息,我建议旅行Wikipedia。But here at the Brothers Brick, we’re more taken by the excellent building techniques of this model. A masterful combination of鼻涕building and Technic wizardry makes this not only a beautiful model but a functional one as well. This huge aircraft has motorized engines, a retractable undercarriage, and even a detailed interior including bomb bays.

LEGO Northrop XB-35 Flying Wing MOC

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This epic Eurofighter Typhoon will blow you away

作为一个孩子,我建造了很多模型飞机。我喜欢把它们粘在一起并画画,但从不喜欢应用贴花。我也读了关于军用飞机的书,并用小玩具飞机玩。我喜欢飞机,至少有携带导弹和枪支的飞机。我在这里出去了,但我会猜测这一点James Cherryloved airplanes, too, and still does. Why would I guess that? Because he has built an amazing Eurofighter Typhoon airplane out of LEGO bricks. Measuring up at over a meter in length and 73cm across at the wingtips (it’s a European plane, so we have to use metric), this is one beast of a creation, too. The whole thing is tiled an oh-so-smooth, with a custom canopy and nose cone, since The LEGO Group does not manufacture anything close to these specs.

Lego Eurofighter Typhoon Side Full

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All quiet on the Western Front

啊,飞机。没有他们,我们会怎么做?他们在大距离远距离旅行,对每个人来说都很容易,并且他们也在很快闪电的闪电扩散,这不是那么大。当我们不得不等待船只陷入困境的日子来蔓延的日子已经一去不复返了!但是,军用飞机,致命的非病毒,对许多人来说,对他们来说有一个强烈的怀旧,从历史Buff对喜欢放大东西的孩子,并在吐在一切时发出机枪噪音。Wesley已成为RAF SE5A的乐高模型,这是一个令人愉快的WWI-ERA双翼飞机,配有所述机枪。塑造很棒,特别是在机身上,我喜欢车轮下的奶酪坡脚芯。施工下的机场给图像深度,特别是当与小型物质和绿色“草”结合时;这是一个简单的补充,但将其从普通的普通飞机带到沉浸式场景中。


Nearly a year ago, we以这种特殊的动力学雕塑为特色by杰森阿尔曼曼。后来的“追求飞行”继续成为最近的乐高想法回顾的决赛。一周前,乐高宣布哪些项目进入下一个生产运行不幸的是,杰森的“追求飞行”不是这些项目之一。但不要绝望!他已经做了full instructionsavailable to anyone who is dying to build this wonderful piece of art.

Pursuit of Flight Instructions

For those big Star Wars fan out there, you can try your hand ata trench run variation of the original model

As you may know, this is not the first time that Jason (also known as JK Brickworks) has been a LEGO Ideas finalist. He has actually previously won the coveted opportunity to have his build become an official set… twice. He’s responsible for21305 Maze21315 Pop-Up Book(the latter in collaboration with格兰特戴维斯).

加入这个beautifu协和式飞机的飞行l 5-foot long LEGO model

建造者Jack Carlesonastounds us again with his spot-on LEGO plane models. This time it’s the British Airways Concorde. I’m actually old enough to remember when the Concorde made its first flight around the globe in a shocking 29 hours all the way back in 1986. It was a huge deal at the time and people often commented on its supersonic speed and crooked nose. Carleson (aka Big Planes) captures the unusual design and sleek wingspan of the Concorde perfectly. The finished model is an impressive 5 feet long and consists of over 6,000 pieces.

LEGO British Airways Concorde MOC

Of course, it features the Concorde’s iconic droop nose, which pivots down for better pilot visibility during takeoffs and landings.Continue reading

The Douglas DC-3C has the quintessential airplane shape

Maybe it’s because this retro shape was so commonly illustrated in children’s books but, when I was a child learning to draw, I’d put pencil (or crayon) to paper and all my airplanes turned out pretty much like this. Without even knowing its name, I seemed aware that this is what the quintessential airplane should look like.Luis Peña不仅为我提供了它的名称 - 道格拉斯DC-3C - 但一个令人惊叹的1:40 Scalo Model,它比绘制更难建设。智利国家航空航天博物馆的旅行启发了这一模型。他告诉我们,Lan智利于1946年在第二次世界大战期间用作货运飞机后买了几个这些工艺,然后翻新他们作为乘客飞机的第二个生命。

Douglas DC-3C 1:40 Scale Lego模型

This particular model measures 73 cm (28.74 in.) wide and 49 cm (19.29 in.) long. To Luis this represents an important part of Chilean aviation history and, in my childhood mind anyway, the most perfectly quintessential airplane shape. This is clearlynot the first timewe’ve been delighted by his work.