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New LEGO Creator Expert & Architecture sets coming: 10289 Bird of Paradise & 21056 Taj Mahal [News]

今天,我们揭示了来自乐高的明升备用网站乐高的两个新的成人集中于创作者专家和建筑主题,10289 Bird of Paradise21056 Taj Mahal。这Bird of Paradise set will be part of the ongoing Botanical Collection following10280 Flower Bouquet10281 Bonsai Tree。与此同时,泰姬陵将以前面的创建者专家版本重新审视着名的印度纪念碑,10256泰姬陵。In an unusual move, LEGO has not planned a press release for these sets, but we have the sets in hand for upcoming reviews, so be sure to watch for our full, hands-on reviews of these sets very soon. 10289 Bird of Paradise has 1,173 pieces and will retail forUS $99.99|CAN $139.99|UK £89.99,而21056 Taj Mahal有2,022件,并将进来US $119.99|可以$ 169.99|UK £89.99。双方将在6月1日开始销售在Europe and the rest of the world, but won’t be available until August 1 in the Americas.

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乐高大师has finally the cast of the show’s second season. The popular show will again feature 12 teams of two competing in brick-building challenges for the title of LEGO Master and a $100,000 cash prize. Some of the names are well-known in the adult fan community, such asDave Kaleta和brothersMark史蒂文埃里克森,世卫组织在TBB上已经多次出现。Mark也是前TBB贡献者,以及同事理查德干燥is one of TBB’s current contributors. For many of the others, we’ll have to wait until the show airs to get a glimpse of their building skills. The show will air starting June 1 on Fox, and will feature Will Arnett reprising his role as host alongside LEGO employees Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard as the judges.

Meet all the contestants below.

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乐高Vidiyo reveals 8 new sets for summer 2021, including Bandmates Series 2 [News]

Lego已经把包裹从下一波乐高Vidiyo套装中取出,揭示了这个夏天的阵容将包含八个新套装。明升备用网站该套装将包括一股新的带盲包小型浪潮,几个新的Beatboxes,以及各种更大的套装,如43114朋克普里特船或旋转顶部43115的Boombox舞台,零售价为99.99美元,包括近1000件零件。乐高Vidiyo sets first launchedearlier this year, and the sets integrate with an app, letting users arrange random, collectible BeatBit tiles that provide a unique musical effect to create music videos. With the addition of the new sets, the total number of BeatBit tiles in the Vidiyo theme expands to 134. The new sets will be available starting June 1.

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乐高星球大战揭示了75308 明升备用网站r2-d2,一个2,300件式的UCS风格模型来庆祝Lucasfilm的50日[新闻]

To celebrate Lucasfilm’s 50th Anniversary in 2021, LEGO Star Wars is taking the wraps off the long-anticipated Ultimate Collector Series-style droid with75308 R2-D2。这large model of one of Star Wars’ most beloved characters stands 12.5 in tall (31cm) and uses 2,314 pieces. The set will include the large model of R2-D2, a UCS-style info placard, a minifigure-scale R2-D2, and a brick printed with the Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary logo. It will retail forUS $199.99|可以$ 269.99|UK £179.99在5月1日起的时候,这意味着它将在今年5月份的第四天的星球大战日销售时间表上市。R2-D2将是乐高商店和乐高网站的独家限制。

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乐高哈利波特reveals 8 new sets for Summer 2021, available to pre-order now [News]

这core Harry Potter books and movies may be wrapped up now, but the merchandising is still chugging along at top speed. Today, LEGO has unveiled the summer 2021 wave of Harry Potter sets, which brings new additions to the modular Hogwarts castle series, a chess set, and even a totally new series: giant brick-built minifigures. LEGO says that a selection of the sets is available for pre-order starting today, though at the time of writing they haven’t clarified specifically which sets will be available. With prices ranging from $20 to $130 USD, all of the sets will be released on June 1, though most of them are exclusive to specific retailers until August 1.

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乐高显示7明升备用网站12215年半砖贴胶permanent LEGO displays [April Fools]

Today LEGO revealed what is sure to be a controversial product,乐高解决方案712215砖棒。这first in a new line of products called LEGO Solutions, it is a semi-permanent adhesive to secure LEGO bricks in their final built form. While we at TBB believe LEGO has always been about creativity and being able to build and rebuild, since the introduction of the 18+ Adults range, LEGO has been targeting a different audience with complex builds designed primarily as display pieces. The Brick Stick glue (let’s call it what it is) seems to be a key part of this, which LEGO says will allow fans to ensure their display models will be in pristine shape for years. Unlike the caustic glue used in outdoor models at LEGOLAND, the company says the new Brick Stick glue is safe for ingestion, non-permanent, and can be removed by soaking the pieces in water for about 30 minutes. The Brick Stick glue will come in a box of two 40ml applicator bottles, available starting May 1 as a Gift With Purchase with qualifying purchases of 18+ sets overUS $149.99|CAN $199.99|UK £119.99从乐高网上和乐高商店。

We had a brief chance to talk with LEGO Solutions Lead Designer Arne Lauridsen, who says that “We are aware that the core adult fan community has some reluctance about using an adhesive, since it doesn’t fit with the traditional way to use LEGO bricks. However, our research shows that there’s a significant market for this product among casual adult fans who only want to build a set once and then display it. I can’t wait to use it myself on some of my favourite sets that I do not intend to take apart, like the Darth Vader Helmet.”

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乐高Ideas reveals 21326 Winnie the Pooh 1,200-piece set, bringing Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and more [News]

今天,乐高透露了思想人群采购平明升备用网站台的最新集。21326 Winnie The Poohwill feature the popular characters from A. A. Milne’s book series along with Pooh’s home under the tree in the Hundred Acre Wood, as interpreted by Disney. The set will include five characters: Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, and Eeyore. The 1,265-piece set is slated to be available for LEGO VIP members starting March 18 with general availability on April 1. It will retail forUS $99.99|CAN $139.99|UK £89.99。Be sure to check back for our full, hands-on review of this set, which will be coming very soon.

Winnie the Pooh project由Fan Ben Alder于2019年3月创建,并在该年7月击中了10,000票。它是approved by LEGOin February of last year, joining the中世纪铁匠as the two projects from the first 2019 LEGO Ideas review to be turned into official sets.

难以追踪乐高想法的努力追踪会来?WINNIE THE POOH SET是首次透露我们上个月所涵盖的8个批准的项目:明升备用网站即将到来的乐高想法项目


这next LEGO House exclusive set revealed: 40502 The Brick Moulding Machine [News]

今天,乐高揭示了新的明升备用网站40502砖成型机套装。这set becomes the second LEGO House Limited Edition product (joining40501 The Wooden Duck) and will sell exclusively at the LEGO House starting March 4 for 599 DKK (approximately US $99).

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乐高40450 Amelia Earheart Tribute gift with purchase set revealed [News]

今天我们正在获得乐高的官方高质量的官方图像,下一步致敬,40450 Amelia Earhart Tripute,通过Australian LEGO certified store。According to the Australian LEGO store, the set will be a free Gift with Purchase for customers who spend at least $199.99 AUD starting tomorrow, Feb. 22, until supplies are exhausted. There’s no word yet on the promotion details in other parts of the world. It follows on two previous tribute sets,40291创意个性拥有汉斯基督徒安德森,和40410 Charles Dickens Tripute

在最着名的航空先锋中,Amelia Earhart于1937年消失了,他在将洛克希德型号10-E电器上飞行的地球之旅。然而,在乐高集中描绘的红色飞机是洛克希德维加尔5B,她于1932年在大西洋上飞行,现在在华盛顿的国家航空和太空博物馆展出。

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7 new LEGO Monkie Kid sets revealed for Spring 2021 [News]

乐高的新人蒙斯基孩子主题首次亮相last year and seems to be going full steam ahead. The initial Spring 2020 wave included 8 sets, while last Fall we got另外4个。现在归功于中国零售商Momo,我们迈出了第一次看7品牌新套装发布3月1.套装范围从203件蒙基孩子的云自行车,一直到传说中的花果岭山,这是一个大规模的1,949件堡垒。套装的确切价格没有任何词 - 虽然中国零售商有当地价格上市,但他们并没有思考我们在其他地方的价格。


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乐高Ideas Sonic Mania Green Hill Zone to be next fan-designed set [News]

乐高has announced that the next Ideas set will be SEGA’s legendary speedster, Sonic the Hedgehog. Selected from26个想法项目最后一次达到10,000票阈值,concept design for Sonic由VIV Grannell提交。VIV对Sonic的世界一直很感兴趣,几乎是她的整个生活,并认为它是乐高系统的完美契合。她的设计受到了来自SEGA 2017的绿山区水平的启发Sonic Mania.。这re’s no word yet on when the set will be released or how much it will cost, but it often takes a year or more for an Ideas project to go from approval to final design, so we’ll have to wait to see the official design.

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乐高10295保时捷911 Turbo&911 Targa透露为下一个创造者专家车明升备用网站[新闻]

乐高has just taken the wraps off the newest Creator Expert set,10295保时捷911 Turbo&911 Targa。该套装响起,该套件包含在两种配置中的任何一个构建经典的1970年代-1980s保时捷911的碎片:带有标志性的鲸鱼尾巴的宽围栏911涡轮,或带有可拆卸顶部的时尚911 Targa。保时捷911跟随去年的淡黄色菲亚特500.。这set will retail forUS $149.99|CAN $199.99|UK £119.99和will be first available to LEGO VIP members starting Feb. 16, with regular retail availability starting March 1.

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