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Bionicle was a line of sets that grew out of the乐高技艺line that LEGO produced between 2001 and 2010, succeeded by Hero Factory. Bionicle had an incredibly complex storyline that accompanied the sets, and most of the elements didn’t integrate well with traditional SYSTEM bricks. As a result, long-time adult fans like the contributors here on The Brothers Brick never quite appreciated what Bionicle had to offer, so most of the LEGO models we feature here on The Brothers Brick are built from traditional SYSTEM bricks. Nevertheless, we do appreciate a great Bionicle creation from time to time.


作为这个看起来的邪恶的生物,被称为zeurel,乡下的织机,很难想象这个野兽实际上被视为一个“天使”。从动漫上欣赏霓虹灯创世纪福音因子, these angels are antagonistic creatures, causing chaos and destruction. Builder高速程在乐高表单中解释了原始设计作为今年的条目生物保湿。The wide spread of tentacles provides the model with a sense of mass and power. The use of a large inversed tyre creates a bulbous form around its short but significant head. Penetrating eyes peer through the slits in a煤气面膜which creates the puppet-like face. But the most impressive use of pieces has to be in the green landscape at the bottom of the build. It’s cleverly made up of various Bionicle parts such asPiraka脚pieces.

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Aloysius Animo, at your service

Fans of Ben 10 may recognize this Earth-68 version of the conflicted Doctor Animo, a genius in mutagenic effects and subsequently frequent bad guy. This build byThe Underscored Double是一个很棒的角色表示。在他设计的关键点上的建模和色彩阻止,如绑在他的胸部或暴露的大脑,天线和护目镜的技术。爪子也与石灰绿色口音完美匹配。除了这个恶棍,我们还给了Ben's Omnitrix,Stinkfly的伟大版本。幽灵般的绿色调色板,以及半透明的绿色头部,使建造者使用的有趣的双杉和潮流件的财富符合这种复杂的特征。

Doctor Animo and the Dragonfly



乐高builderMatt Goldberg向我们展示了这一令人印象深刻的马蒂亚斯建造Redwall书籍,由Brian Jacques撰写。该模型是进入的Bio Cup竞争并描绘第一个主角Redwallnovel. Matt has captured the rodent-like features, even the bulbous eyes, of the young mouse. Rounded plates at the face and knees assist in creating the anthropomorphic form of the body. Ready to hear enemies nearby, the large ears of the model are created using the reverse side ofarmour pieces。It’s nice to see some Knights’ Kingdom pieces make an appearance such as the sword and the pauldron armour at the shoulders. Let’s hope there’s a grand feast awaiting the young hero at Redwall Abbey.

Matthias of Redwall

Built for the fearless adventurer

宇宙飞船!我将永远这样任何swo反应oshable model starcraft. Builders love to show off their knowledge of the LEGO system by the way they mold and craft the shapes of their starships. In addition, the eye-catching detail, or greeble, they add shows off some of their brick collection as well as their ingenuity in representing the elements of a spaceship. In this wonderful model, Starfighter Intrepid, builderseb71炫耀他们的一些技能。

Seb71凭借精心制作的宇宙飞船历史,带来了令人瞩目的沙绿色设计,突出了白色板和砖块巧妙地建造在翅膀和身体上。如果您密切关注牢固的结构,可以看到建造商用于实现所需设计的各种方向。贴纸SEB71使用的额外额外的细节。我喜欢large white slopes在翅膀上,经常用在Imperial Shuttle套。它们与结构完美地工作以及色块。

Starfighter Intrepid.

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Who dares to enter the arena against this Bionicle-fused colossus?

This LEGO creation fromPietro Eugenio Marcer.充满活力。标题为“竞技场的Phobus - 冠军”,它受到了旧的启发Bionicle乐高主题来自2000年初。该构建似乎是结构上的声音,房间有几个姿势;我们将展示下面的一些人。少数绿色的绿色与灰色和黑色发挥得很好,增加了视觉兴趣而不会使整体外观压倒。

Phobus  - 竞技场的冠军

Here we see Phobus in a more standard pose, showing off a dangerous-looking ax attached to a long chain. He’s ready to do some serious damage to the next opponent who enters the arena.

Phobus  - 竞技场的冠军

Even Bionicles need to fish!

This fun build by高速程takes us back to the days of LEGO Bionicle with this upgraded version of a Matoran villager. Through the use of bright yellows and soft blues, the model has been provided with a striking colour scheme. Aclassic maskforms part of the torso on each side with Lache making good use of the open section in the mask. The thick rubber boots of the model have been created by inversing tyre parts which complete the fisher aesthetic. The bucket is a nice simple build with some familiar鱿鱼射弹FR.om the Barraki line. This is one that makes me want to fish out my Bionicles and make a village of Matoran. It’s easy to imagine this colourful character working down at the docks of a town and fishing out on a vast ocean.

Kai the Angler

Just trying to get a head

Some LEGO elements are easy to upsize, and some are a nightmare of odd angles and complex shapes that defy common techniques. This was a challenge汤姆德克隆(@yannickbuildsthings)was up for, though, as this super-sized生物池TOA头is a spot-on likeness. I’m particularly fond of the eye ridge/side of the head angling. This statue also has a great base, with sandy colors and greenery that harken back to theIsland of Mata Nui。黄金Hau mask有助于提供规模感,使这头脑感到像海岸线上的大量图腾。

如果您想查看更多照片和详细信息,请查看YannickBuildsthings'乐高想法提交。当你在那里完成的时候,为什么不达到我们的档案馆以获得更多伟大的特色明升备用网址Bionicle creations?

gnepnug觅食gathers mushrooms

Behold! Another fun little LEGO creation byJohn Snyderfeaturing a woodland gatherer. I’ll be honest, my first thought upon seeing this build was, “Oh, look! The Wicked Witch of the West!” But then I saw the title and realized it was an insanely cooler character, Gnepnug the Forager. I’ve never seen anyone use a Bionicle leg plate before as a face, but this works! The use of multiple minifigure capes for worn-in clothing was a clever idea. I also appreciate the lack of a baseplate, with John instead opting for what appears to be a green LEGO sail piece.


Who needs a hawk or falcon when you have a dragon?

Falconry – the practice of training birds of prey to hunt with/for humans – is an ancient tradition. For centuries, we’ve revered raptors. And in popular culture, movies captivate us with images of both medieval and tribal figures sharing relationships with these fierce birds. But perhaps in another, more magical world, dragons fill the role. Ever-talented LEGO builderJoss Woodyard带来了the chief of some distant culture to life, along with his small, fiery beast.Who said dragons have to be giant?

Chief Ironscale

一如既往地,与Jayfa的构建一样,角色在令人敬畏的元素(爱那些深红色尖峰!)并站在一个姿势。当然,最好的部分是与红色和绿色图案的原始乐高城堡龙的颂歌。当你在这里,看看更多Jayfa’s recent builds, and see if you can find the common element between them.

Going nuclear with this toxic villain

Here is a toxic sludge LEGO Bionicle figure built byRockmonster2000。It’s here to cramp your style, chap you hide, harsh your mellow, or whatever it is they do with toxic nuclear sludge nowadays. This villain is just oozing with personality! It may not be the personality that’ll win over the nuclear safety inspector but it’s personality nonetheless. Where’s the Toxic Avenger when you need him?


Tex Wrangler.hits all the sweet spots

Matt Goldberg’slatest LEGO creation is challenging me to step out of my comfort zone. I am a fan of LEGO but bionicle and technic LEGO are just not my cup of tea. My knowledge of parts in these themes is very limited too. But Matt’s creation is so damn perfect that I just have to cover it! LEGO western was my favorite theme when I was a kid and the Tex Wrangler hits all the sweet spots for me. From the spurs to the big golden revolvers to the bullet belt. TheHero Factory Chest Badge让他看起来像小镇警长Ben 10 flexible shoulder neck piecepartly turned inside out works perfectly as a cowboy hat.

Tex Wrangler.

Rotor is coming in hot!

如果他们是由粉丝设计的,那么生物石角色是什么样的?这就是一些乐高粉丝一直在探索的东西,最近的一个例子是这个生物的比喻令人敬畏的。答案似乎是他们比大多数雄蕊角色更大,这是一个更详细的,并且完全凉爽。乍一看,我认为这个角色要小得多,然后我发现了orange wheelused as a shoulder. And I was nearly fooled into thinking that was an official Bionicle mask he was wearing, but it’s actually made out of a handful of pieces, including aPakari maskon top. With the huge chopper blade on top, I’m almost getting the vibe ofRoboriders / Slizers.


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