这不是乐高纯粹主义者的页面。从严重定制的小型乐乐碎片切碎,涂上,并粘在一英寸的小塑料生命中,这就是你会发现一些最具创造力的用途 - 和滥用的乐高。

The little roadster that could

Anyone even remotely familiar with hot rodding knows that the quintessential dream project is the ’32 Ford roadster. They’re always a favorite at car shows andIan Yingpretty much reached hot rodding nirvana with this LEGO version. I can assure you, they didn’t look like this off the assembly line but with a bit of imagination and elbow grease, customizers back in the day would turn their Grandpa’s jalopies into these hot little roadsters. The classic black with red trim, whitewalls and flames is the pinnacle of perfection. Copious chrome and gold doesn’t hurt matters, either. Ian is proving to be an automotive LEGO-building legend with a penchant forshiny bling。Click in the blue link there to see what I mean.



这是这样的时刻让我喜欢这个整个兄弟砖头演出。m88备用网址我们在冲浪中发现了凉爽的乐队,如这种定制的乐高Yvan Bourdeau。我们与您分享此酷炫的发现。反过来,你有喜欢和评论,淋浴我们,也许你可以激励自己制造一些东西。洗发水,冲洗,重复。这种定制的跑步声看起来被丢弃,窜过,降低,使其成为一个低且积极的立场。烧伤橙色和浅蓝色制造着整洁的华丽配色方案,暴露的排气管不是没有魅力。扔进干净的底座和减速火箭的燃气泵,你拥有一天的气质,只需更甜。如果你喜欢我,vehicles一般来说,让你的心脏去Pitter-Patter,所以享受点击档案。明升备用网址


Automotive rebellion, the Japanese way

For a long time, I didn’t really get the point of car customization. I can understand why people might want to make some changes to improve performance. Manufacturers aim their products at a particular market segment and operate under constraints such as environmental regulations. So, if you want to use your car differently, say totear up the drag strip, some changes make sense. Rebuilding older cars using newer components to improve comfort or handling also makes sense to me. What I didn’t get were things that make a car worse in objectively measurable ways: such as stanced wheels and ill-fitting body kits. However, after building my latest car model, I think I finally get it. It’s a Nissan Skyline C110, modified in a Japanese style popularly known asBōsōzoku(暴走族).

Trying to distinguish between the many different specific styles covered by his name is like an obscure form of zoology. They all do share some features, though. Modifications can include multiple rear spoilers and a德帕,这是巨大的前端分离器。外部安装的油冷却器,通过散热器运行的线路或前灯支架,也很受欢迎。这种东西都是竞赛灵感,但它都没有提高汽车的表现。汽车通常有大型挡泥板,小轮子和负弧形,特别是在后轮上。这将乘坐高度降低到刮河的点,可能会破坏处理。汽车还可以拥有琉璃油漆工作,通常涉及紫色或洋红色,以及超大的排气管,称为Takeyari., inspired by bamboo spears. It is all very much over the top. And that is the point.

日本社会充满了关于如何表现的规则,以保持和谐或Wa(和). But more restrictive norms seem to lead to more extreme rebellion. Bōsōzoku cars aren’t about improved performance or about making the cars look pretty. They’re about being different from the norm to the point where it gets obnoxious.


In addition to excellent custom minifig parts and minifigs inspired by the likes of野兽男孩和鲍勃罗斯, our friends atCitizen Brick已经开始生产自己的注塑物品。对于万圣节2020,CB团队发布了一个令人毛骨悚然的定制Minifig零件,让您与您的乐高混合和匹配。

We’ve said before that what’s so awesome about Citizen Brick products is that they’re the sort of thing that LEGO themselves will likely never release, while remaining compatible with LEGO. This makes custom parts produces like Citizen Brick distinct from knockoffs and clone brands thatcompete用乐高,往往是劣质的。因为CB赢得了佩戴乐高的印刷品质的尊重,所以将它们分配给定制部分是令人兴奋的,允许乐高风扇超越距离距离砖的范围。让我们来看看芝加哥的疯狂科学家已经熟知了什么。

Read our full hands-on review of this year’s Citizen Brick Halloween release


本月的封面照片,来自Aaron Newman,特色奥林巴斯的神。从哈迪斯到宙斯,亚伦已经在乐高中重现了这些希腊神话神,同时捕获了使这些神话人物所独特的本质的本质。打了亚伦的博客文章更多地了解他对每个小型的方法




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TBB cover photo for February 2020: Taking in the sights

从令人难以置信的细节到创意强制透视执行,这是从协同团队的构建格兰特戴维斯,Eli Willsea, 和Micah Beideman,不会令人失望。每一瞥,你会注意到一些新的东西(哦,看看那个交流单位以及由1×1锥体制成的遮阳篷),这是我们为2月封面照片选择它的许多原因之一。Read our original articleto see how this trio used LEGO to bring a painting to life.

The Painted City

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我们预计迪士尼+很多The Mandalorian。We knew it was going to be a gritty western-style drama set in the Star Wars universe and starring a no-nonsense bounty hunter but perhaps we didn’t expect him to win surrogate father-of-the-year in some heart-warming hijinks with an adorable “baby Yoda” (not really Yoda). I’m one of the few holdouts waiting to see the series at a later date, but week after week the internet is apparently delighted with the relationship between “Mando” and his 600-month-old infant ward. I’m sure奥马尔ovalle.is much more attuned to their weekly shenanigans than I am as evidenced by these neatconstractionfigures. Here we seeThe Child在他的球形摇篮中,The Mandalorianin his custom painted helmet and chest armor, and a nicely built speeder bike.

Mandalorian Speeder Bike -

It is a safe bet that Omar enjoys building custom figures. Here is a previous time he customized Technic figures into星球大战人物和another time he customized constraction figures as thecast of Game of Thrones

Star Wars X-Wing squared

你喜欢X-Wing,但认为那些圆的发动机对你的狭隘,直接的敏感有点太多了吗?你是否喜欢自己作为一个方形的钉试图适应越来越环绕的世界?然后考虑自己和我的奇怪前提,证明,JEB!你的估计日已经来了,因为Sam K Bricks已经回答了你的祈祷,并配备了这个X-Wing,诚实地对善行的方向发动机a Shakercould have designed. In the Star Wars universe many ships, Rebel ones in particular, were pieced together from whatever they could find so it would make sense someone would customize their X-Wing in this manner. I bet the pilot is a real straight-shooter with a name like Rusty or Dwight who loves his mama and apple pie but probably wouldn’t try anything weird like focaccia bread. Even the Astromech droid has a head as straight and flat as an Illinois wheat field.

T-65 Engine Variant X-wing

I really like the flashes of sand green and marigold yellow but I am someone who stays up past sundown listening to that rock and/or roll the kids like so much so you should probably take my opinions with a grain of salt.

Citizen Brick custom minifigs bring the Beastie Boys, Bob Ross, & more for Black Friday 2019 [Review]

Our friends atCitizen Brick今年黑色星期五一直在烹饪一批全新的全新的垫片印刷,定制小型。他们诚挚地将全部分类送到周五早上之前与每个人分享。我们喜欢公民砖的事情之一是他们的厚颜无耻的产品名称,这个批次没有什么不同,“绘画爱好者”,“绘画爱好者”,还有更多 - 所有人都巧妙地命名但瞬间识别。



任何看到乐高电影的人都知道乐高是一个高度复杂的互锁砖系统。但它不仅仅是那个,有时我们乐高球迷有一个倾向于在玩我们最喜欢的塑料玩具时陷入困境,而不是允许的。然后是有人来Stijn van der Laanto shake up our expectations with a brilliant model like this that defies the normal bounds of what’s appropriate to do with LEGO. Stijn has transformed his excellentPeregrine drone modelthat we covered a few years ago by giving it a camouflage paint job.

CFX-7 Peregrine

Stijn重新设计第一次用l red elements. Then he gave it a base coat of grey, and then carefully masked and airbrushed the modern camouflage design onto the model, as if it were a traditional cut-and-glue model kit. The result is fantastic, highlighting the striking design of the drone even more than Stijn’s original color scheme.

CFX-7 Peregrine

Now, you’re not likely to find me airbrushing my own LEGO creations anytime soon, but I admire the craft that goes into designing this, and it’s good to have our minds expanded a bit from time to time on just what is possible with this brick system we all use.

Brickmania 1033 F-14 Tomcat Supersonic Air Superiority Interceptor custom kit + NAS Miramar Action Pack custom minifigures [Review]

Last November, we reviewed theBrickmania F-4C Phantom II Jet定制套件, 和designer Cody Osell is back again with the massive1033 F-14 Tomcat超音速空气优势拦截器。Grumman F-14 Tomcat是最具标志性的冷战喷气式战斗机之一,电影中的特色Top Gun最后的倒计时。The Brickmania kit includes 1,607 LEGO pieces and two custom-printed minifigures with accessories. We’ll also be taking a look at theNAS Miramar Action Pack附加组件包含四个更多自定义小型缩影。

Read our full review of the Brickmania F-14 Tomcat after the jump

Citizen Brick Black Friday 2018 deals and special offers [News]

我们的朋友们过去了Citizen Brickhave cooked up another batch of cool stuff for this year’s Black Friday, along with a new holiday promotion tin.


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