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芒乐贡萨寺is a sight to see in this multi-layered and expansive LEGO build

Titled “Manglegongsa Temple”, this LEGO build fromJellyeater1具有多层次性和扩展性。两座建筑物坐落在一座山顶上,四周植被茂盛。



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Old overgrown mansion covered in detail

I’ve really been digging buildings built with plate instead of bricks lately. When a builder uses that idea as a starting point, and then adds in other cool details and techniques the wayJellyeater1有,那么我们通常在商店为一个相当酷的乐高创作。

Old mansion

这座老宅邸的整体布局非常棒,通过使用六种不同颜色的板(更不用说混合在一起的板)实现了各种各样的砌砖masonry bricks圆板) adds an extra level of detail on what might have otherwise been flat walls. Other details abound to solidify the realism of the house: the ornate entryway, the numerous chimneys, and appropriately positioned drainpipes. My personal favourite details are those that give off the look of being abandoned: the boarded-up rose window, drapes flying out of the open windows, the ivy taking over the back wall, or the tree poking through the roof.

Old mansion