Medieval city tour

Sometimes you just happen to stumble upon a creation that shocks you.Roger Cageot’screation did this for me. I was shocked that I never heard of Roger Cageot and that I’ve never seen his work before. His medieval street creation is simply stunning. It looks like it could be a film set. Every single building is a knockout if you ask me. I could write a feature about every single house and be perfectly happy to do so. My favorite building has to be the tan stables with the sagging roof. No, wait the white building on the right with the crumbling plaster. No, wait the Tudor-style house with the diagonal wood beams. No the barrack on the left with the half-round wall and the excellent roofing. Ah heck, I love it all! You can ‘walk’ these medieval streets by checking out the rest of the pictures in Roger’s stream. Some of the houses also have an interior.



一个新警卫必须在这个Portside场景中学习作业作为匪徒攻击Jesse van den Oetelaar, which features some well-textured stone structures, along with a brick-built boat. The dock is nicely detailed, with merchants and a local catching fish. There’s also some great window construction, like the first floor of the middle building which uses the bases of black turntables to frame transparent plates.

fractured kingdoms, bandit attack


isaac snyder.shows us a LEGO castle creation can be vibrant and colorful too. He used colors I normally wouldn’t consider using. The grass is not just greener on the other side, and it is lime green. The trees are in full autumn colors. The little bakery has lovely dark turquoise details combined with a dark blue roof. The use of thecurved windscreenfor the roof over the entrance is absolutely stunning. But the absolute best-used part has to be the五角形楔子和一根魔杖用作商店标志。

CCC XVIII Alnya: Sugar and Seeds Bakery

Is this Maleficent again or one of her cousins?

Making LEGO brick built animals is something I always struggle with. Especially when they have to be minifig scale.Louis的Quiswood砖砌的动物没有问题。他的创作具有一个惊人的砖砌砖。在此之前已经完成了这一点。路易斯使用砖块建造翅膀,我以前从未见过。建筑商经常将翅膀的手指之间的皮肤从不同的部位产生。织物,布料或塑料用图案。翅膀看起来很棒,很可弥补。面部看起来绝对是神圣的,行动摆在很好地做得很好。火力效果看起来比大多数电视节目的CGI火灾突发,这使得龙纹波附近的水。

The Black Dragon, Svart Dyr

The clever wandering LEGO windmill

The last time I watchedHowl’s Moving Castlewas at least 10-12 years ago, and as nerdy as I am, I only did because my best friend dragged me away from ultimate frisbee and into my high school anime club one day. Admittedly, I barely remember it. But what I do know is that it was the first thing I thought about when I saw this LEGO windmill built byAlexey Tikhvinsky. I have lots of pull-back motors in my collection, but I never know what to do with them. This is the most clever use I’ve seen thus far. When the winds shift, and your windmill won’t whirl, why not build one that walks?

Don’t believe me? Watch the video! This thing actually does walk around. Clever gearing allows for both that and the blades to turn at the same time. My personal favorite part is engine piston elements mounted on axle ball joints for more stable feet.

I really like Alexey’s style, and I’m sure you will too. Check out a couple of totally different builds of his: a仙女生物, and a修改了RC Volkswagon甲虫… I told you they were different…

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the ruins?

Kayaking, canoeing, and boating of other types are pretty popular where I live. WhileJesse van den Oetelaar’sLEGO model seems to portray a more medieval type scene, this build reminds me of a real life historic park not too far from me, where you can kayak on a creek amidst the ruins of an aqueduct.


Jesse’s minifigure character William Renou paddles a brick-built sail boat which utilizes many small brown elements, notably many tiles of various sizes for the body of the boat while the sail mast utilizes multiple brown 1×1 round bricks. The water in this model is rendered with white trans-clear tiles, which is a bit different from most builds I have seen which tend to make use of trans-clear elements in various shades of blue. The white trans-clear elements are a good choice and they work well with the mostly grey color-scheme of the architecture.

The aqueduct ruins mostly make use of 1×2 brick elements, slopes, tiles, light greentree limb elements, and various other light grey pieces. I especially appreciate the cattails that are fashioned out of棕褐色技术销附着在棕色棍棒上,然后粘在树枝元件的孔中。虽然在这项工作中幻想氛围是明显的,但Vignette也在真实和现在的时刻相当关联。


Internet trolling takes many forms. Sometimes it means building an awesome LEGO troll, showcasing pieces from some maligned LEGO themes, the wayDavid Doci已。尝试拖钓,而不是,这不是你在线看到的典型乐高创作,我认为这真是太棒了。这显然是一个熟练的建造巨大的巨魔。在皮带上的小型骨头的比例是显而易见的(由罕见使用的皮带Bionicle chain). You may look at it and be like “Are those pieces even LEGO?” and I can assure you, they are. The躯干andarmour属于来自寄生家的Euripides,而belongs to Ogrum from Hero Factory (with some expertly place redhornsfor eyes).


A castle diorama with all the essentials

有时一个简单的两顿乐高城堡可以走很长的路。在这个Diorama,Mark of Siloam亨廷顿的城堡,为我们带来了最大的构建date measuring at 20″ by 45″. I’m not sure how much that is converted into studs, but it sure looks grand within this lively diorama. With its solid sand green and gray brickwork, the Huntington Castle is well-fortified with guards peering out into the land. When the castle’s functioning portcullis is lifted, the drawbridge can be lowered to access the main dirt path. A neat windmill sits just across the river, next to an open field for cattle to graze. The overall composition is rich in detail, and I’m still picking out the subtle changes in landscaping throughout the build and spotting new animals in every corner.



A big cottage in the forest

Just a few days ago I wrote an article about a little cottage in the forest. Today I stumbled upon this creation by the中西部建筑商. A big cottage in the forest! Well, calling this a cottage might not do it justice. It is actually more of a house —- a Tudor style house, and I am a sucker for Tudor style houses. So let’s discuss all the yummie goodness this creation has to offer. First of all, the woodwork on the tudor style part of the house is really nicely done. I especially love the use of the4×4 macaroni tile. The exposed bricks behind the woodwork also looks amazing. Then the shingles for the roof are just the right amount of crooked, giving this building great character.

Medieval Haunted House

One of the best things has to be the pentagon and half-ellipse-shaped windows. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the LEGO蜘蛛网part because it is so chunky and you have to attach it, which can sometimes be a bit tricky to do without the attachment parts being visible. Midwest Builders managed to hide the attachment spots, giving it a more organic feel. The purple trees, graveyard, and the crops with the scarecrow further add to the Halloween feel. Are they decorations or is this house just a bit creepy all year round? Last but not least, have you seen the cute cobblestone wall that has been crumbling down for ages and is now only three plates high?


One of the best things about LEGO is the online community, which appears to be ever-growing. I really like discovering new online accounts of fans of LEGO. Yesterday I discovered a new (to me) creator and I would like to share their latest creation with you. Titled “Little cottage in the forest,” it was made byAlex Bromfield.说,我有这么多的好东西。I like the irregularly shaped base and the use of all the headgear for the cobblestone path. And the cobblestone path isn’t even the only way Alex incorporates headgear. He also uses it to create a bird’s nest and a small bush. On the walls of the Tudor-style house, he used a mix of white, tan, and dark tan bricks to give it a more weathered look, which is further continued by adding tiles, slopes and cheese slopes to the roof. Can you believe that this creator is only 13 years old? I am telling you, this is one to keep an eye on!


前瑞典乐高大师Peter Ilmrud详细而闻名,五彩缤纷,偶尔吗intricate works of art. Often times his builds feature subject matter of fantasy and bygone days. It’s hard to choose, but I think I enjoy his microscale castles best. This will be featured in a LEGO brand retail shop in Sweden, and it’s easy to see why.

Lego Store Micro Fantasy Landscape

The build catches the eye and takes you on an adventure from sea to castle spires. The real triumph is the parts usage in the castle itself. For the most part, the techniques aren’t new, but when they all come together the result is beautiful. I particularly like the techniques used on all the towers, especially stacking modified round plates and tiles back to back to achieve windows and the “stone” look. I also admire how the central helmet piece connected to the lantern element creates a particularly striking feature.

Lego Store Micro Fantasy Landscape

你可以看到更多builds by Peterin our archives. While you’re at it, check out all the incredible previously featured builds in both themicroscaleandmedievalcategories.

在Chapel Street的比赛

As I might have mentioned before, I am a sucker for using the old castle minifigures in creations using intriguing LEGO building techniques. Something about the mix of classic and modern just feels right to me.Atahlus最新的构建为我勾选所有盒子。两个建筑物都充满了细节。我喜欢右边的哥特式建筑在大多数情况下是如何对称的,但其中一些细节不是。左侧的木制品和黄墙之间的偏移也非常好。建造房屋的基地是奇怪的,对我来说,始终是一个加号。即使是创作中的小型也不仅仅是填补空间;他们讲故事(在这种情况下非常字面)。