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每个人都喜欢乐高小型 - 好吧,几乎每个人。Minifigs通常是乐高模型的星星,我们在兄弟砖上方的功能,但我们也有一些惊人的m88备用网址风俗Minifigs你永远不会想到在乐高官方套装中看到。


Are you aware of the phenomenon called Minifig Habitats? It’s essentially an 8x8x8 diagonal vignette that can be stacked and interlocked to form a pyramid display. However, there is a more popular habitat style that isn’t diagonal and has less open space. These habitats first appeared on Flickr in 2016 and were popularised by LEGO fan sites in the last few years. Since then, they became a nice way for people to show off LEGO Collectible Minifigures in a small dynamic display.Kristel Whitaker通过将Minifig栖息地恢复到凉棚,阳台和灌封棚的Diorama中,将其带到下一级别。





虽然我别名为幽默感,但我可以向你保证这个标题是由建筑商自己提供的。Paulvillemocs.拥有这个很好的复古的乐高保龄球符号。颜色,字体和形状都表明了美国保龄球馆外面的标志。当你有一点造型时,一轮保龄球就会觉得你已经让你的手臂弯下腰。然而,这种双重关联是指整个使用的手臂微型躯干。保龄球销中有两个,在感叹号中的一个,并且第三个包括红色箭头的后端。聪明的零件用法这样的用法让我们想知道保罗可能有什么不存在的袖子。不存在,因为;没有手臂。好的,你有它吗?好的! Seriously, these jokes just write themselves. I don’t even have to try anymore.


This is where I hid the bodies

除了有一个黑暗的幽默感,为什么我会以这样的方式为这个关于这个乐高加油站的文章称为?服务站有一个良好的感觉。有几个摩托车和顾客似乎友好。但是当你仔细看看这个创造时丹风扇you begin to see several minifig torsos used in creative ways. There are two in gray holding up the shell sign and four in dark gray acting as the base for the water tower. Several more upside-down torsos comprise the trim design of the building while another two in red make up part of the gas pump. My favorite use of the minifig torso however is in the road sign, partially comprising the shape of Texas. Can you spot other uses for the minifig torso? (Other than the ones obviously used as minifig torsos.)


公民砖’s custom LEGO minifigure elements for Halloween 2020 [Review]

除了优秀的定制Minifig部分和Minifigs,受到了喜欢的the Beastie Boys and Bob Ross,我们的朋友们公民砖have begun producing their own injection-molded items. For Halloween 2020 the CB team have released a bevy of creepy custom minifig parts for you to mix and match with your LEGO.

我们之前说过,关于公民砖的产品是如此令人敬畏的是,乐高本身可能永远不会发布的东西,同时仍然与乐高兼容。这使定制部件像公民砖一样,不同于淘汰赛和克隆品牌竞争with LEGO and are often of inferior quality. Because CB has earned our respect with printing quality that’s indistinguishable from LEGO’s own, it’s exciting to see them branch out to custom parts, allowing LEGO fans to go beyond the confines of the staid bricks from Billund. Let’s take a look at what the mad scientists of Chicago have cooked up.


It’s all a big joke(r)

At a glance, this may look like a LEGO minifig, but it is indeed a Maxifig. It has the same shape and proportions of your usual minifig, but it built up to a monstrous size.Pascal Hetzel.用明亮的蝴蝶结,紫色和绿色成套装备甚至是口袋手表链。用实际的小腿塑造手。使用minifig零件构建maxifig;如果我现在可以弄清楚,我相信这是一个聪明的词或短语,但该死的话。也许你可以在评论中。

lego maxifig  - 小丑

As this shot reveals, Pascal has even built each section as if it were an actual minifig, complete with separate legs, torso, head, and hair elements. That is some clever Maxifig building right there! Pascal has built the Joker, and now he should build the Smoker and the Midnight Toker to finish out the trio. Boy, did I just date myself! Nevermind Googling the reference, kids. Just get off my lawn.

lego maxifig  - 小丑


This month’s cover photo, from亚伦纽曼那features the Gods of Olympus. From Hades to Zeus, Aaron has recreated these Greek Mythological Gods in LEGO, while capturing the essence of what makes each of these mythological characters unique. Hit up Aaron’s blog postto learn more about his approach to each minifig

Gods of Olympus

And if you’re looking for even more Greek minifigs, Aaron has also recreated some of the most well-known Mortals and Monsters from the pantheon of Greek myth. I’m a big fan of Icarus, who looks to have just flown too close to the sun, but honestly, these all look great.

Mortals & Monsters

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迷你springs from the original LEGO brick

一开始,有砖,它很好。它是光滑,完美的,缺乏所有颜色。然后有一天,在砖块内听到一个巨大的隆隆声和一个奇妙的晃动声音。有一个强大的裂缝,金黄的黄色生命从砖爆发并洒到宇宙中。所以在所有荣耀中捕获了第一个迷你的传说andreas Lenander.



While it’s best to stay indoors, sometimes you just need to go outside. Particularly when you need to “go” outside. This slice of modern LEGO life fromCrises_crsis just cute enough to not be super-depressing.


There’s just the right hint of disrepair to the scene. The mix of exposed studs and 1×1 round tiles has the grass looking a little ragged. The pavement has a similar mix, leaving it just a little cracked. But both the dog and owner look pretty happy in their protective gear, all things considered. You have to wonder where they found that toilet paper, though. My local shops have been out of stock for a while.

注意碎片 - 手与乐高原装853967木制小型碎片[评论]

一个惊喜的公告,一个惊喜弹出乐乐艺术画廊在伦敦推出,以及一线乐高产品的开始 -853967 Wooden Minifigure已经介绍了世界。我们不确定我们是否会称之为“套装”,虽然它确实具有少数常规的乐高砖以及标题20cm高橡木雕像。乐高自己描述了雕像作为个性化和创造性装饰的“空白画布”。无论您想要哪种内容,它都可以从2019年11月3日,为贵宾议员提供木材,为每个人为所有人提供。它可以在线购买乐高商店119.99美元|可以154.99.|UK £109.99


Read our hands-on review of LEGO 853967 Wooden Minifigure


BuilderLouis of Nutwoodpacks a lot of story in a small space in this snow-covered castle scene. This is part 8 of a wonderful ongoing series by Louis, and not only is it visually interesting, but there’s a written component that accompanies each part of the heroes’ journey.

Svalg Keep



Neville Longbottom正在加班,在这个可爱的场景中额外的信用architeclego。A quick scroll through their Instagram feed shows architeclego’s skills at creating great models and a mastery over lighting and effects that really elevate their photos to the next level. This beautiful littleHarry Potter主题creation is no exception!

While everyone else is out practicing their broom skills and spell casting, Neville is hard at work on his Herbology homework. His wand is at the ready and earmuffs firmly in place for working with the screamingmandrake root。The lab has a lived-in look with the many jars and plants scattered around the room and the two levels give the whole thing a nice sense of vertical scale. Ron’s rat Scabbers even makes an appearance, peeking out from behind the pots. It takes a deft hand to seamlessly use non-LEGO objects in a model, but architeclego does so here with great results. The real plants blend in quite nicely with their plastic counterparts and the spray of water in the greenhouse is a perfect dash of realism.

While the whole scene is fantastic, it’s the lighting and effects work that really make this scene shine. The daylight coming in through the windows looks authentic, but it’s the light beams coming from the greenhouse that provide the most impact. We all love seeing a nicely photographed LEGO model, but as this set up demonstrates, a little attention to lighting effects can really transcend the art form.


Order 66 has been executed. The Clone Wars have ended. Sith Lord Darth Vader has become Emperor Sheev Palpatine’s trusted enforcer, bringing Imperial order to an unruly galaxy.Tim Lydy在他的第一个星球大战创造时,将他的邮票放在这一时代的动荡上,最优秀。



I also appreciate the effort Tim went to incorporating the writing on the side of the scene inAurabesh.,星球大战宇宙的标准字母表。