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Two ideas immediately came to me when in 2017 LEGO released75176 Resistance Transport Pod,猜猜看-建筑商Veynomhas gone and realised both.Designers of vehicles for the星球大战universe have always embraced the potential of asymmetric form,the transport pod being a case in point.然而,there's a niggling part of my brain that wants to fix things,balance out the shuttle with a second pod.想象它看起来像双体云车–wait you don't have to because Veynom's built it for us.

Then there is that second idea.If you were at all interested in the joys of vintage space LEGO,the set'strans yellow canopywould have been an instant trigger.You've guessed it,Veynom's gone and built a Classic Space version of the Resistance Twin-Pod too.

Industrial salvage vessel has been through hell and back

当谈到建造威兰·尤塔尼(Weiland Yutani)设计的看起来脏兮兮的工业打捞飞船时,the company from the Alien franchise,我认为没有什么比重新利用以前的宇宙飞船模型中的元素更好的了。Frequently featured builderShannon Sprouledemonstrates this salvage technique beautifully,除了一些后期效果,to create a working ship that has clearly seen a lot of action.我最喜欢的一个细节是使用类似的圆形元素和瓷砖。四面都有大的斜坡和管道,and very few well-placed studs complete the look.


What's cooler than cool?这艘宇宙飞船。

Ice Planet 2002 might not generate quite the same level of nostalgia among adult fans of LEGO that Classic Space does,but for a certain generation of builders it surely evokes fond memories of trans-neon orange chainsaws and the coolest visors that LEGO helmets had yet seen.It does for me,at least.鲍勃·德夸特尔当然知道如何平衡独特的白蓝配色方案,with the trans-neon orange accents,这使得这颗冰行星如此与众不同,在它的鼎盛时期就可以立即辨认出来。This planetary explorer uses its extensive monitoring equipment to scan the surface in low orbit,looking for whatever it was that these frosted spacemen were trying to find.I never knew what I was supposed to be finding with those chainsaws and ski/snowshoes,but I knew my crew looked good doing it.

Ice Explorer

有棱角的脸和向下扫过的翅膀表明鲍勃是一个宇宙飞船制造大师。有趣的亮点是进气道前面机翼的羽毛部分和尾翼两侧的开口舱,它可以将探测器部署到地球表面进行额外的侦察。尼克斯骑士给建筑商的最大礼物,也许是在Trans Neon Orange中引入了许多新元素,尤其是角度canopy在这里使用得很有效。但这并不是鲍勃所使用的一切;don't miss the DUPLO radardishbeneath the cockpit and the Bionicle装甲behind it.现在这是一个coolice-cold spaceship.

Wide wings with golden detail brings new frontiers

Another wide streak of light,这一次叫做折射R/99,已经从Nick Trotta.在跟踪了他令人惊叹的乐高作品一段时间之后,你可以在他的船的每个部分之间找到无缝的过渡。在这方面,他忠于自己的手艺。Though in others,he spreads his wings a little more.一方面,他建立了飞翼,and on the other,he has started playing with a selection of gold elements.这两种风格都是他以前从未探索过的。

Refraction R/99

他的造型创造了一种由浅框架构成的形式力量,allowing the pilot to be flanked by its impressive set of wings.Having no fuselage means squeezing all of his incredible details into its wingspan.整个发动机罩的中蓝色,alongside those deep-set grilles following suit,bring out the almost skeletal dark blue within the wings and midsection.As in many of Trotta's builds,the carefully chosen colours are exceptionally complimented by some bright splashes,这次是亮黄色,Orange,Trans Neon Green and his new addition: Drum Laquer Gold.

Refraction: Fly-by

他谨慎地使用他的黄金,即使它散布在他的船上,most effectively as a housing for some fine greebling on either side of the cockpit.This greebling,as squished as it is,里面有一些很棒的零件,从两个沉船Megaphones,the redroller skates,我个人最喜欢的是,the black油漆辊手柄.但黑人的清晰重复Grille Guards,installed as cooling vents on the two engines,seem to tie off this brilliant ship.

This fan's quest to build the perfect LEGO X-wing results in an amazingly accurate model [Feature]

A LEGO Star Wars fan since before Star Wars was a LEGO theme,Mark Chan在过去的40年里,他一直在努力创造一个完美的乐高模型的X翼战斗机。我们的布瑞克兄弟认为m88备用网址他做得很好,所以我们赶上了马克,想知道他的旅行故事。

Lego X-Wing MOC (4K Wallpaper)

Click here to learn about the journey to create this X-wing

Along the pink stream of sinkers and floaters

"Do the black units house digital essences?粉红色的液体是某种冷却剂吗?它们聚集在一起需要分开吗?蜘蛛会吸收冷却液并保持管道清洁吗?Is working at this Stasis Temple considered a great honor?" These are numerous questions that builderShannon Sproule问但没有答案。然而,这确实反映了一种自由的意识流在建筑中的方式,通过试验整洁的颜色和纹理,而不考虑它们的目的。


He tells us,“如果我是另一个香农(年轻),you would've gotten a beautifully-written backstory,but since it's me you only get a few brain farts and a hand wave to pseudo-religious-technology." That's OK,Shannon.If I were any other m88备用网址Brothers Brick contributor,I would have thought up a more high-brow title.Good thing we're all friends here.

A curve inside a spaceship

There are many ways to build curved forms from the humble brick – some more imaginative than others.仔细看看Didier Burtin'sInterplanetary Cruiser and you'll spot a unique one.内部扩展底座有一个漂亮的弯曲形状,由两个组成32 x 16 blue baseplatesheld under tension.尽管有明显的挫折感,但这肯定在建筑阶段造成了迪迪尔的困扰,显然值得,giving his creation an unexpected and individual look.


从后面看,你不仅能在这么大的宇宙飞船上看到你所期待的可爱的推进器,but also further evidence of the builder's skill.A range of visible hinged plates clearly show how the model's structure absorbs the stress created by the flexed plates.


Take me back to Classic Space

对于我们所称的“经典空间”,某个年龄的成年建设者在我们心中占有特殊的地位。随着历史书籍中新出现的阿波罗任务和星际迷航,巴克·罗杰斯,星球大战抓住了我们的想象力,LEGO hit a sweet spot with their space theme from about 1973 to 1987.For many,它们很可能是我们的第一套乐高玩具,对这个主题的怀念永远伴随着我们。Guido Brandis用他的ll-942星际火II捕捉到了这种感觉。There are rules to the "Classic Space" look;蓝色和浅灰色几乎等量使用,而反黄色用于挡风玻璃。Red,used very sparingly,通常只为Rover轮辋保留,但在这里用作飞行员制服。Modern elements not available to us in the '70s and '80s create a perfect synergy between the old and the new.即使它的“ll”名称也代表“legoland”,并在原始集合中使用。This sure takes me back!

LL-942 Star Fire II


No matter what you might have thought of the 2013 sci-fi filmOblivion,starring Tom Cruise,你可以承认它采用了一些很好的技术。从电动摩托车上,向那些巨大的水蹄,到了那个倒立的金字塔,the film's visuals were stunning.One of the most iconic vehicles was the super-maneuverable light plane which was quickly nicknamed the Bubble Ship.This stunning model byRiskjockey捕捉斯塔克,电影中精致的视觉美感,including swiveling landing gear.我喜欢光滑的发动机吊舱和巧妙地使用新的gyro-spherehatchfrom the Jurassic World theme for the cockpit.


Another nice part use is the large triangular panels used to create the geometric symmetry of the fuselage of the ship.


这不是Bubble Ship-甚至是second–that has been featured here on TBB over the years since the movie's release in 2013.


Is there anything more romantic in this universe than a trip to some distant world in a two-seat Neo-Classic Space ship?Aussie LEGO fan艾多K让这对可爱的太空探险家的梦想成真。Just like many other great LEGO models,宇宙飞船的设计从一个整体开始,in this case,a bulkySpinjitzu转子.The amount of exterior elements on the ship's body and wings looks just perfect;massive engines,一对管道和小格栅创造了一个完全可以俯冲的模型。


Classic Space has never looked as good as with these jaw dropping details!

Benny would not only be thrilled but ecstatic and going bonkers with this upgrade of the经典太空928星系探险家.BuilderAlec Hole做了如此出色的工作,如此令人惊讶的升级,它几乎看起来像是科幻电影中的场景。关键部位的细节和格格纹与最少的鞋钉曝光相结合,使它看起来非常圆滑。Measuring in at almost a meter in length,this is one sweet spaceship that I wish I had in my collection.


LEGO V-19 Torrent from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Every installment of the Star Wars movie franchise has brought a plethora of new spaceships and other vehicles which continue to inspire LEGO builders around the world.除了电影之外,the six seasons of the星球大战:克隆人战争animated series also introduced many more.即将出现的更具特色的战斗机之一是V-19激流。This LEGO creation byThomas Jenkins展示了这架高度机动性的单人战斗机的一些特点。


Inspired by theF4U海盗船,the V-19 Torrent was designed for vertical landing and take-off,with the folded wings allowing more fighters to fit in the hanger of the Venator class star destroyers used by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars.托马斯非常巧妙地用一些倾斜的斜坡和技术性的提升臂重新创造了干净的角度。

V-19 Torrent-landing